Morse PILOTMorse Manufacturing now offers <PILOT>, a power-propelled, power lifting and pouring, walk-behind drum handler. The new and innovative design provides unsurpassed operator control, productivity and safety with:

• Floor travel speed: 3.0 mph (or 4.4 ft/sec or 4.8 km/hr or 1.3 m/sec).

• Drum lifting speed: 25 fpm (or 2 in/sec or 5 cm/sec).

• Max empty travel speed: 3.6 mph and lift 39 fpm as load decreases.

• Drum dumping heights of up to 10.5 feet, and 11 inches beyond straddle type legs.

• Drum weights up to 1,500 pounds.

With <PILOT>, a single operator can easily out-perform even multiple workers using lesser equipment. <PILOT> will travel faster, maneuver with extreme precision in tight areas, lift and pour with maximum speed and accuracy, plus offer the advantages of power/"dead man" braking safety and proven Morse drum holding security.

<PILOT> can be rapidly put online because ergonomic throttle, steering and drum positioning controls reflect industry standards -- familiar, comfortable and intuitive. The MORcinch drum holding system immediately adjusts to 22" to 23.5" diameters and options are available for plastic or fiber drums, and smaller drums.

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