Engineers for Change is an acoustics and vibrations consulting company newly formed by Richard J. Peppin who previously was the Founder, in 1985, and Past President of Scantek, Inc. of Columbia, MD.

This consulting company will use the experience of approximately 40 person-years to help clients in solving noise and vibration projects in building acoustics, environmental acoustics, training, speech intelligibility, industrial noise, community noise, enforcement, and building and machine vibrations, among other sub-specialties.

The company is different from many others in that it is non-profit and all volunteer run. That means 100% of all fees earned will be donated to charities. Only out-of-pocket, travel-related, expenses are reimbursed to employees. All overhead expenses, if any, will be donated.. Of course, the fees paid cannot be considered for an income tax deduction because of services rendered, however any direct donations can be considered tax exempt. Charities will include all cruelty-free groups involved in health care, poverty, environmental issues, animal rights, and peace.

The company actively recruits volunteers to work part-time, doing what they know best, while contributing to change the world for the better.

The company website will be up mid-February.