Product InnovationsA lineman's job is to keep the customer in service, no matter what. This often means working through inclement weather during all times of the day and night and within severe time constraints. This kind of work can lead to fatigued minds, bodies and hands.

Youngstown® Glove Company understands this, and has created the Youngstown Leather Utility Wide Cuff™ glove, built to give you the dexterity and comfort your hands deserve all with the important safety features you can't be without.

Part of the company's Performance Leather Series, the glove combines features Youngstown is renown for in order to create a leather glove with the comfort, dexterity and durability of a performance glove. The Youngstown Leather Utility Wide Cuff glove features an extra wide 6 inch cuff for improved comfort, air-flow and to accommodate winter clothing. It is made from 100 percent durable goatskin leather.

Too many - 70 percent - of workers reporting hand injuries were not wearing gloves. Standard safety procedures require linemen to wear multiple layers of protection including gloves. The inherit design of gloves tend to restrict range of motion and reduce grip strength, making it tempting to take them off when performing specific tasks. Youngstown has taken aim at these two issues and constructed a high-quality, durable goatskin leather glove sewn into an ergonomic, 3D performance pattern. This means the glove is form-fit for precise dexterity and unmatched comfort - the outcome: workers keep them on for all tasks resulting in improved compliance, safer hands and increased efficiency and productivity.

Comfort is only matched by safety when it comes to the Youngstown Leather Utility Wide Cuff glove. Knuckle reinforcement as well as a second layer on the saddle, palm and fingertips protect against scrapes and bumps. The glove meets NFPA 70e standards, and is ARC-rated to 20.8 cal/cm2 giving it a HRC 2 level rating.

The Youngstown Leather Utility Wide Cuff glove is available in sizes Small through XX large.

Youngstown Glove Company manufactures the world's most durable performance work gloves. Founded in 2002, the company has been unwavering in their commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Offering more than 30 performance work glove styles available in sizes medium through XX large, the company strives to exceed the demanding needs of professional workers. Every Youngstown style developed endures extensive testing - both in the laboratory and in the field - prior to being slipped onto customer hands. Thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control are all hallmarks of a company with a simple goal: to design the best working gloves you've ever owned.

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