Hazard Awareness: Ready Day OneDuPont Sustainable Solutions has launched a new safety orientation training program, Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One, which provides a practical overview of hazard communication, personal protective equipment and emergency response.

“Accidents can happen anytime and don’t wait for anyone,” said Dave Mazary, senior consultant – Safety & Environment, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Safety training starts on day one, so that every employee, including new hires, will be alert to the hazards from the get-go. We developed this program as a quick safety training start-up.”

This program is ideal for new or reassigned employees or for refresher training. Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One begins with information on the updated HazCom standard, including chemical label identification, safety data sheets, signal words, hazard statements and pictograms.

The program then walks employees through the features of different types of personal protective equipment (PPE). It identifies PPE for hand, eye, body, hearing, respiratory and feet safety, and offers basic tips on PPE inspection and maintenance. 

Finally, Hazard Awareness: Ready Day One orients employees to critical emergency response processes, including safe evacuation, spill management and procedures to follow during earthquakes and fire emergencies, including the R.A.C.E. method and P.A.S.S. procedure for fire extinguishers. The program also highlights the purpose of the Emergency Action Plan and ends with basic safety do’s and don'ts. Additional information is available by calling 800-861-2221 or emailing sales@training.dupont.com. A free online preview is accessible at www.training.dupont.com. Preview and purchase online or get instant access with CoastalFlix™ streaming video.

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