older workerAIHA and ACGIH do much to recognize and encourage the careers of young professionals. But when it comes to traveling to conventions, seniority often rules and so it was yesterday I heard several Baby Boomer EHS pros gabbing on the exhibit floor.

“I’ve got 25 years in with my company, I can see the finish line,” said one.

“My boss has 31 years in. He told me if I ever saw him going for more certification points to maintain his credentials that will be unnecessary when he retires, I have orders to shoot him.”

“I’m retired, supposed to be a consultant,” said another fellow. “But mostly I’m doing expert witness work. It’s easy money. Mostly I’m just asked for my opinion and I’ve never had a problem giving my opinion.”

One more vet said this was his 50th AIHce meeting. “Must be something wrong with me,” he smiled.

“I see all the guys I came up with retiring,” said a vet. “There is life after industrial hygiene. I can’t wait to find out about it.”