thoughtISHN Chief Editor Dave Johnson reporting live from AIHce 2013:

Here is a meeting idea for you to maybe try out. “The UnSession” will be present for two hours this morning at the AIHce in Montreal.

UnSessions started in the high-tech industry. They are not for those who like a more passive learning experience with a traditional lecture approach.

UnSessions create intimacy and free flow of ideas that traditional sessions frequently leave want. They are flexible, spontaneous and participant driven Talk about employee engagement.

Participants build the session agenda on site with a facilitator. Anyone interested in solving a problem has the opportunity to tackle it with others. Various formats can be used in the UnSesssion once the content is decided.

Members of the Student Early Career Pros and Career & Employment Services volunteer groups are sponsoring AIHce’s first UnSession. Issues and concerns of importance to these groups and their constituencies were covered, including selling your ideas/yourself at work to various audiences, dealing with difficult ethical challenges, and handling challenging situations confronting you in your first few years as an IH pro.

It is said participants are amazed how concrete solutions arise to difficult problems, and at the same time, community and commitments and culture are forged and reinforced. Call it unstructured (at the beginning), free form, “the time is yours” safety and health education training. Or perhaps a support group for employees who need a little prodding to open up and offer ideas, solutions, and concerns.