PLM-13.5-NAC Pneumatic Light MastLeading industrial lighting manufacturer and supplier Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new telescoping pneumatic light tower. The PLM-13.5-NAC Pneumatic Light Mast can lift 30 pounds of light fixtures or electrical equipment to 13 feet of height for maximum area coverage and is powered by compressed air for easy deployment.

The PLM-13.5-NAC pneumatic light mast from Larson Electronics provides a safe and stable platform for elevating lighting, cameras, speakers and similar equipment above large areas to provide maximum coverage. This tower features pneumatic operation for easy set up and is constructed of light weight heat treated aluminum tubing for high strength and stability. This light tower is designed to be collapsed to 5 feet for easier transport and can be extended to a full 13.5 feet of height to provide good elevation for coverage of large work sites or event areas. This tower is prewired with a three wire harness running through the mast interior for protection against chafing and wear, and ends in two 12 inch pigtails for easy connection of power sources and equipment. The mast is power by air provided by a user supplied compressor, making it very easy to set up, and to lower the mast the user simply releases a valve located at the bottom of the unit. The bottom of the mast is secured to trailers, bases, and similar flat surfaces via a predrilled mounting plate with four holes. The top of the mast is fitted with a locking plate to allow users to easily attach or remove their chosen lighting fixtures or devices yet provide secure and stable attachment. This industrial grade pneumatic tower is ideal for work site lighting, outdoor events, and just about anywhere an easy to set up and transport equipment lifting system that can withstand heavy duty use is needed.

“The PML-13.5-NAC pneumatic mast is ideal for simplistic elevation of lighting and other equipment to 13 and half feet in height,” said Rob Bresnahan with  “The pneumatic light mast series is an alternative to our crank up style masts.  The pneumatic masts collapse to a shorter height than our crank up masts, but they do require power for the compressor. “

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