Vendor News#HazardSpotting is a community safety initiative to help raise awareness about workplace safety violations. Our readers submit photos, and we write a post with special guest insight from featured safety experts.

Think you’ve seen an unsafe work condition? Whether it’s construction, manufacturing, or food safety, we’ll investigate the hazard. Snap a picture and share your story with us by sending an email to the editor at

If possible, please include the location, time of day, and hazards that you can see when you send in your photo. Also let us know how you would like to be credited.

Examples of unsafe working conditions and explanations can be found on the company’s blog at:

About MySafetySign

MySafetySign is a Brooklyn based company that produces safety signage. The company’s mission is to make signs and labels as effective as possible in order to prevent accidents and save lives. Customers can choose from over 40,000 designs and customizable templates. MySafetySign is part of the SmartSign family.  MySafetySign is also the driving force behind #HazardSpotting, an OSHA violations spotting campaign.