Vendor NewsAs fleet operators are moving away from diesel powered vehicles to CNG, LNG and Propane power, the fleet maintenance facility must also be updated to protect the plant and personnel from these alternative fuels. Both local and national codes and regulations call for monitoring for the presence of these gases and it is necessary to develop strategies for the alarm and mitigation of the gas hazards.

Sierra Monitor has been the leader in the development and implementation of hazardous gas detection systems in alternative fueled vehicle maintenance facilities, meeting the needs of fleet owners from coast to coast. At a major transit operation in the Midwest they are transitioning to CNG powered buses and came to Sierra Monitor to provide a hazardous gas detection system that met the LHJ (Local Authority having Jurisdiction) requirements that would allow them to pass approval as fast as possible so they could occupy the facility. The Sierra Monitor design looked into the effect of proper sensor positioning, notification and alarm plans, and the mitigation requirements, while still satisfying the user’s cost of ownership concerns.

The Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Fire and Gas System met the user’s requirements for monitoring combustible gas and CO levels. The power of the Sentry IT system with the Commander Logic controls gave them the flexibility they needed in alarming and notification.

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About Sierra Monitor Corporation

Sierra Monitor Corporation manufactures and integrates hazardous gas monitoring systems for industrial safety applications. With almost 30 years experience and over 15,000 installations of fixed gas monitoring systems Sierra Monitor is a technology leader in the industry. Sierra Monitor’s accomplishments include the first digital bi-directional multi-drop communication bus between sensors and controller, the first serial Modbus communication output for plant-wide systems, the first interface to third party legacy sensors and devices and the first cost-effective web-based graphical system for monitoring plant-wide hazardous gas conditions.

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