With winter on its way, the National Safety Council says keeping your car in good working order helps you maintain control in adverse driving conditions - something that businesses which maintain vehicles should keep in mind. This checklist will aid in avoiding on-road problems this season.

Check outside every time you drive:

  • Tires are not low or flat; tread is not worn away.
  • Windshield wipers work; sufficient cleaning fluid in reservoir.
  • No leaks under the car.
  • Mirrors, directional signals, head, tail and brake lights are clean and not broken.

Check inside every time you drive:

  • All doors are fully closed and locked.
  • Seat and head restraint comfortably adjusted.
  • Drivers and passengers correctly belted.
  • Mirrors, vents, windows and heat/air properly adjusted.
  • Gauges work and accurately reflect engine conditions.
  • Driver is mentally and physically ready to drive.

In addition, check on a weekly basis oil level, washer fluid level and tire inflation when the tires are cool. Once a month be sure to check automatic transmission and brake fluids, and every six months check the windshield wiper blades to see if they are hard, cracked or brittle.

Remember to rotate tires according to instructions in the owner's manual and check the power steering fluid levels.