Larson Electronics, LLC is proud to announce the addition of the following new products:

The Larson Electronics WAL-WBC-2X150LED cart mounted LED work area light is an excellent solution for operators who need rugged and portable lighting that can provide the power needed to illuminate large work areas. Featuring dual LED light heads mounted atop an aluminum cart, this unit is powerful, rugged, and very easy to maneuver around the work space. Each 150 watt LED lamp is adjustable, allowing operators to adjust the heads for the best coverage. These lamps are waterproof, highly resistant to damage from vibrations and impacts, and carry a 50,000 hour operational life rating. The portable light cart is fabricated from light weight aluminum and features a pair of integral handles for easy maneuvering and solid no flat rubber wheels for high durability. The entire lamp assembly can be removed from the cart, aiding in transporting the cart from one site to the next and allowing operators to disassemble the system to fit it through tight entry ways. Included with this cart is 200 feet of heavy duty SOOW cord to provide ample length for moving the system around large work spaces.

The EPL-BS-70LED-100 explosion proof LED light from Larson Electronics is a portable and powerful LED work light that effectively provides 4,500 square feet of work area coverage with 5,800 lumens of intense light output. This portable LED light offers power and longevity unmatched by standard incandescent work lights, producing nearly four times as much light output as a 100 watt halogen work lamp, and having an operational life rating of 100,000 hours compared to the halogens 1,500 to 2,000. This LED work light runs far cooler as well, eliminating the heat and potential for accidental burns incandescent work lights can create. The LED lamp assembly is constructed of light weight aluminum and features an unbreakable lens for added durability. The pedestal style mounting base is also constructed from aluminum and features a convenient cord rack on the back, built in carry handle, and an explosion proof switch mounted on the back as well.

About Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics was established in 1973. For 40 years, the company has built quality lighting products for government, commercial, industrial, and military customers.