And those are large footprints.

Amazon and Google are butting heads in the industrial-supply marketplace, thanks to a good number of manufacturers and distributors being woefully behind in integrating e-commerce and building the needed infrastructure.

Amazon Supply stepped into that void, and now Google has followed .

Google has introduced mechanical components, including fluid power, hose-related products and power transmission components, to its line-up of industrial products, which already features electrical products.

Less than three-quarters of the entire B2B marketplace is buying from manufacturers and distributors who still haven’t enabled any form of e-commerce by 2013.

Google will capture a portion of this market (so will Amazon Supply). It’s “smell the coffee time” for B2B distributors. Industrial Distribution magazine predicts by 2014 the number of customers buying online will increase sharply. For offline bricks and mortar houses – if not now, when? Wait much longer to embrace e-commerce you risk being Googled up and Amazon steamrolled.