50% of people exposed to toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide for just five minutes will not survive.

Even a single breath of the dangerous gas can cause immediate death. The good news? There are safety measures to help prevent these deaths.

Hydrogen sulfide gas causes a wide range of health effects. This course will help workers to identify the hazards associated with this naturally-occurring gas and to take appropriate safety measures in order to reduce workplace accidents involving hydrogen sulfide.

This course will instruct employees to:

  • Understand how hydrogen sulfide is created in the natural world and the industries it affects
  • Identify the properties of hydrogen sulfide
  • Identify the hazards and health effects of exposure to hydrogen sulfide
  • Explain the methods used to detect,  monitor and warn of hydrogen sulfide
  • List methods used to protect against hydrogen sulfide exposure
  • Explain appropriate responses to hydrogen sulfide exposures and emergencies

Animations and 3D graphics along with the instructional design approach teach learners the importance of Hydrogen Sulfide Safety. Engaging interactive exercises reinforce key learning objectives.

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