Thursday, March 13th

Thursday is jam-packed with a variety of workshops! New to the conference? See our classic workshops on “Hearing Loss Prevention: The Basics,” and “Professional Service Providers.” Been to a conference before? We are excited to bring a new round of workshops to Las Vegas!

Come attend “Grab ’em by Their Ossicles,” “Make Sense of Sound, Music & Sound Systems,” and “Empower Your Clients Who Already Have Hearing Loss.” Learn about “Hearing Protector Performance for Impulsive Hearing Conservationists” and “Practical Noise Control.”  With the wonderful reviews from last year, NHCA is bringing back the Vendor Workshop! Join us Thursday to get your hands dirty with the experts!

Friday, March 14th

Dr. Richard Danielson will open the conference with the Keynote Address, “Hearing Loss Prevention is a Long-Term Mission” followed by interesting presentations on considerations such as: best practices, speech perception in noise, factors impacting hearing protector attenuation, and occupational hearing loss. Christine Petitti will be joining us from OSHA, Barbara Menard will give us updates on John Mansfield’s progress after receiving the 2013 Safe In Sound Award and, of course, we will wrap up presentations with the 2014 Safe In Sound Awards!

The NHCA is pleased to welcome Dr. Pat Feaster, a two-time Grammy nominee and co-founder of the First Sounds Initiative, who has been actively involved in locating, making audible, and contextualizing many of the world’s oldest sound recordings, to our annual conference. He will delight attendees at the Friday Luncheon with an engaging presentation on Martinville’s first sound recordings and letting us listen to them!

The NHCA wants everyone to stop gambling with their hearing, but please come gamble the night away at our very own NHCA Casino Night! All proceeds will benefit the NHCA Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships to students interested in hearing conservation.

Saturday, March 15th

Get to know your comrades in conservation at the Saturday morning breakfast chats and then attend one of our breakout sessions on Audiology Considerations, Military Interests or Music & Related Topics. Are there too many interesting topics to choose from? Do you want to see a presentation in two breakouts? No worries! This year, we are introducing breaks between presentations within the breakout sessions to allow attendees to switch sessions with ease.

After the breakout sessions, visit the posters, then join us for our hosted Awards Luncheon. Weather permitting, we may be dining al fresco! Following the Awards Luncheon, you’re in for more exciting presentations. In addition to the inspirational Gasaway Lecture by Dr. Deanna Meinke, enjoy topics such as non-lethal acoustical weapons, smartphone sound measurement applications, and electronic/web-based hearing conservation tools. Finally, hearing conservation and the NHCA is going global! Check out research and hearing conservation programs from China, Sweden & Australia!


Students receive free NHCA membership, discounted Conference registration rates, and we have set aside time every day for “Meet the Authors” for poster presenters! In fact, we have an exclusive Student Networking Event poolside (weather permitting) on Friday evening before Casino Night.