Hot weather is coming so get the relief you need with Chill Out@ Cooling Products.

Thousands of repeat customers have enjoyed the heat stress relief properties of Chill Out@ products. These evaporative cooling items can help to reduce the hot temperatures experienced during summer and in hot working conditions.

OSHA has focused in on heat stress and annually issues warnings on the effects of heat on employee’s health. In addition, there is the issue of lost work time during extreme heat. Chill Out® products can help to mitigate these problems and meet OSHA guidelines on dealing with hot working conditions.

  • The Chill Out towel is the largest on the market at 33” X 13”
  • We use a unique waffling pattern to increase the cooling area
  • A full product offering including hard hat inserts, neck bands, and head bands.

About Enviroguard:  Enviroguard, located in Mesquite, Texas, has been in business for over 20 years selling millions of disposable protective garments and cooling accessories annually to a global market.

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