Tell us a little about the history of your company.

Cestusline, Inc. is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in the glove industry. Launched in 2010, Cestusline has rapidly become a leader in hand protection for industrial safety around the world. A Cestus is an ancient gladiator glove and our inspiration for creating tough gloves for the toughest environments.

Cestusline gloves are manufactured in China, Indonesia, and South Korea. A family-owned business with familial relationships with our manufacturing facilities means we can deliver reliable quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Our Portland, OR, HQ has more than 10,000 sq. ft. of gloves, ready for immediate shipment around the world. Our customer service staff boasts more than six spoken languages to assist our clients with their glove selection. 

What has been your company’s business strategy to gain market share?

The Cestusline strategy to gain market share has been to lead in innovation and focus on the creation of new hand protection products that respond to industry need. Our company’s unique sourcing team has developed many engineered fabrics and patented materials exclusive to our company. Each glove is designed with the end user in mind.

 Describe the core branded products of your company that you promote most heavily.

Cestusline’s core products stem from three industries: Oil & Gas, Mining, & Welding. Our team has spent time on jobsites around the world working alongside safety advisors to develop PPE hand protection that overcomes deficiencies in current products and meets the wearers’ needs within the balance of dexterity and durability.

Regarding your distributor network…

The Cestusline distributors around the world have really helped us develop our relationships within the industrial safety forum. Their network works closely with the Portland, OR, HQ, that provides customer service, training, and logistics support.

How do distributors contribute to your success in the marketplace?

Cestusline would not be where it is today without our network of distributors. We rely on them to introduce our products into industry as they are released. 

Do you offer them training? What other value-added services?

Cestusline offers training in person/on location, via Skype, and through a library of marketing collateral. Other value added services include our willingness to accompany our reps on important meetings to provide sales support and immediate technical information.

What business characteristics do you look for when selecting to work with a distributor?

We are looking for honest, energetic distributors. Cestusline’s philosophy of product development relies heavily on feedback we get from our “folks in the field.” 

Do you have any recent news about new facilities or new personnel to report?

Cestusline has been growing leaps and bounds since it began. Our newest addition has been adding additional marketing, customer service, and sales support staff to further assist our rep groups around the world.

Describe your current financial picture.

With a new large contracts being wrapped up this spring of 2014, we are poised for rapid growth. Within 3-5 years, we hope to at least double our current revenue. The first few years of a business see business owners overcoming a lot of obstacles. We now have the groundwork to grow our sales, and are looking to diversify our regional penetration and brand recognition this year.

What should distributors know about your company’s future?

Our distributors have been keen to work with us because Cestusline is active. Despite our short time in market, our founders have more than 30 years of experience in the glove industry. A lot of lessons have been learned during those 30 years, and our development team has a backlog of more than 100 designs yet to be produced. “The future of PPE: Hand Protection is Cestus. Work in Comfort.”