Worldwide Protective ProductsIn order to support ever growing product demands, Worldwide Protective Products, a leading producer of hand and body safety protection products, is on the move in Erie County, NY. The short move from Orchard Park to Hamburg will greatly expand manufacturing, support and warehouse capacity for Worldwide Protective Products’ complete line of safety gloves and sleeves.

In preparation for the move, Matt Stucke, Chief Operations Officer, stated, “This is a significant step forward for Worldwide Protective Products, which not only fulfills a need driven by increased demand for our high quality safety products, but it’s also a commitment and testament to this area. It was decided early on that we would maintain operations in Eric County. This local move is in step with Worldwide Protective Products’ commitmentto U.S. manufacturing by our skilled and dedicated workforce. It is through their collective efforts that we produce the most effective line of custom hand and body protection solutions on the market today.”

The new facility in Hamburg is almost 3x the size of the original building and will allow for 45% more dotting and sleeve equipment. The additional equipment will significantly increase capacity across both product lines. This overall expansion and site movement provides 65% additional manufacturing, warehouse, and support capacity. This growth-driven expansion leaves Worldwide Protective Products well positioned to provide custom hand and body safety solutions for industrial environments around the world, now and in the future.

Worldwide Protective Products is a leading producer of hand and body protection products with locations in Hamburg, NY and Wilkesboro, NC. For more information, contact 877-678-4568.