Focus on safetyIn 2007, General Electric surveyed industry professionals working in facilities related to the oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, and power generation.

Survey questions were directed at:

• Whether or not workers in these industries knew the current hazard risk categories in their facilities

• Whether or not they had conducted a hazard risk analysis in their facility

• What actions had been taken as a result of the risk analysis

• What were the expected benefits from reducing the hazard risk category of equipment

• What solutions were in place to reduce the risk of arc flash injury

The GE survey revealed significant ignorance of arc flash risks and protections.

For example, 36% of end users and 38% of specifiers did not know the HRC of their facility or their electrical system design.

Analysis was often absent. 50% of end users said no arc flash hazard study had been performed at their site.

A lack of action was also often apparent. 35% of end users said no changes were made despite conducting an analysis.