Vendor NewsOperational Excellence is one of the top 3 most important issues for CEOs globally as shown by a 2013 research report of the Conference Board.

At DuPont Sustainable Solutions, we believe Operational Excellence delivers clear business value. That is why we are launching our Operations Excellence practice, to help companies achieve synergistic, sustainable, and measurable benefits such as increased productivity, improved quality, increased asset uptime, supply chain efficiencies and improvement in human safety and environmental footprint.

While the market drivers are clear, and the adoption rates of Operational Excellence initiatives are high, their success rate in delivering sustainable results is very low. Clear gaps are present that need to be addressed.

Our expertise has been accumulated over 200+ years of applying operations best practices to our own 200+ plants, as well as at our consulting engagements at leading companies in several sectors.

Learn more about what it takes to make an Operations Excellence program successful, and about our offerings in this area.

Download the Operations Excellence Overview from DSS

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