Hot DotHere’s a little information about the “Hot Dot” Body Temperature Alert Patch. This is an economical and easy to use device for monitoring the risk of overheating. 

Key Features of the “Hot Dot” Body Temperature Alert Patch are:

·         Real-Time monitor of body temperature changes

·         Easy to apply, easy to monitor

o   Color changes from black to yellow as body temperature rises

o   Returns to black as body temperature is reduced

·         Water-resistant

·         Visible at a glance

Is Hot Dot a good fit in today’s market?

·         Safety & workplace liability are increasing in cost and concern every year.

·         Heat related illnesses are the number one weather related cause of death in the United States.  

·         230 Heat Related Deaths Annually in the US.

·         $7,500 - average per-person hospital treatment cost for heat related illnesses in the US.

·         $7,000 -cost of a single OSHA Citation for Heat Related Hazards in the US.

·         Scientists expect severe heat waves to become more frequent and more intense in the future, increasing the number of extremely hot days.

Benefits for wearing a Hot Dot in hot environments:

·         Awareness of Heat Related Illness Symptoms

·         Increasing worker productivity

·         Reducing days away from work due to heat related illness

·         Low per cost, versus potential liability

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