first aid kitFrom OSHA's final rule for electric power generation, transmission and distribution:

The employer shall provide medical services and first aid as required in Sec. 1910.151. In addition to the requirements of Sec. 1910.151, the following requirements also apply:

(1) First-aid training. When employees are performing work on, or associated with, exposed lines or equipment energized at 50 volts or more, persons with first-aid training shall be available as follows:

(i) For field work involving two or more employees at a work location, at least two trained persons shall be available. However, for line-clearance tree trimming operations performed by line-clearance tree trimmers who are not qualified employees, only one trained person need be available if all new employees are trained in first aid within 3 months of their hiring dates.

(ii) For fixed work locations such as substations, the number of trained persons available shall be sufficient to ensure that each employee exposed to electric shock can be reached within 4 minutes by a trained person. However, where the existing number of employees is insufficient to meet this requirement (at a remote substation, for example), each employee at the work location shall be a trained employee.

(2) First-aid supplies. First-aid supplies required by Sec. 1910.151(b) shall be placed in weatherproof containers if the supplies could be exposed to the weather.

(3) First-aid kits. The employer shall maintain each first-aid kit, shall ensure that it is readily available for use, and shall inspect it frequently enough to ensure that expended items are replaced. The employer also shall inspect each first aid kit at least once per year.