New PigNew Pig has recently introduced a line of accessories to make spill kits easier to locate and access in an emergency. Wall Signs, Wall Mount Hook, Floor Labels and Reflective Tape are now available to maximize the visibility of spill kits in any facility. 

  • Wall Sign increases spill kit visibility for faster response, establishes a specific location to store the kit and includes four-step spill response instructions to help workers respond safely to the spill, save time and eliminate guesswork.
  • Wall Mount Hook’s durable steel hook mounts on any surface and accepts most PIG Spill Kits with handles or straps.
  • Floor Label and the bright yellow "Spill Center" signage work together to provide a specific area to keep spill kits and to ensure the kits are in their proper location during inspections.
  • Reflective Tape’s glass beads maximize visibility in any lighting so that spill kits can be found quickly and easily.

For more information on these, or for information on other spill kit accessories New Pig offers, please contact 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit