car accidentRespiratory protection violations were at the top of a recently-published list of the five most common citations issued by OSHA to collision repair shops in 2013.

The most common citations issued last year were:

Standard 1910.134: Respiratory Protection
Written Program, Medical Evaluations, Annual Fit Testing, Annual Training, Vapor Air Monitoring, Recordkeeping

Standard 1910.1200: Written Hazard Communication Program
Written Program, Chemical Inventory List, Training (new and existing employees), Hazard Assessment, Labeling, Emergency Procedures, Signage, etc.

Standards 1910.0107 and 1910.0157: Spray Finishing
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), 6H/NESHAP, Fire Extinguishers, Engineering Controls (booth / mixing room), Permits / Licenses / Reports, etc.

Standards 1910.106 and 1926.152: Flammable and Combustible Liquids
Grounding, Containers, No Smoking, Signage, Containers, Fire Extinguishers, Training

Standard 1910.0305: Wiring Methods, Components, & Equipment for General Use
GFI, outlets, panels, cords, etc.