PE Series mobile workstationA new Portable-Electric (PE Series) mobile workstation designed and manufactured in the USA by Unidex, Inc., Warsaw, New York has earned CE Marking. Recognized worldwide as a designation of quality, a CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to European laws and directives regarding safety, health, the environment, and consumer protection, Unidex states.

The new PE Series mobile workstation features a 12-volt battery-powered base unit for lifting loads up to 500 lbs. from a lowered height of 0 inches to a raised height of 48 inches (standard version) or 96 inches (telescoping version). Fitted with engineered-to-order manual tooling, the new Unidex workstation with CE Marking is ideal for lifting and positioning applications that must be performed frequently, or where the load weight rules out manual handing, according to Unidex.

Features contributing the company’s CE Marking include an electric-hydraulic lift mechanism located in an enclosed box, battery charger with manual and automatic shut-off built in, a handrail-mounted pendant control, and covered wheels on two 5-inch locking rear swivel casters and two 5-inch front fixed casters.

Unidex says that unlike scissor lifts, the area between the legs and table or other tooling on the new PE workstation is unobstructed, providing easy access to machinery, racks, conveyors, and other immovable fixtures. Footprint of the unit is 24 inches wide by 36 inches long, and the new PE Series workstation is constructed from welded carbon steel with a durable, baked-on powder coated finish. The bolt plate accepts tables, forks, or custom fixtures, and all units undergo rigorous quality testing prior to shipment.

Ergonomically designed for durability, versatility, flexibility, and safety, new PE Series workstation with CE Marking is available with several options, Unidex states. These include: stainless steel construction; greater load capacities and lift strokes; fixed and adjustable forks, booms, and rams; ball transfer, conveyor, rotating or tilt tables; all swivel casters or a 3-inch nose wheel on the front; and custom fixtures, work holders, grabs, rotators, and other manually-operated load engagement devices.

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