Product InnovationsHoneywell (NYSE: HON) announces the release of the GasAlertMicroClip™ XL, a portable four-gas monitor that offers a longer battery runtime and undiminished performance in extreme weather. The new monitor also features additional capabilities to the ease of use and economical advantages characteristic of the BW Technologies by Honeywell product line. 

“The GasAlertMicroClip XL provides users with an easy to use, ultra comfortable 4-gas detector that can withstand extreme work environments,” said Jacob Spector, product marketing manager for BW Technologies by Honeywell. “In addition, the GasAlertMicroClip XL now provides 18 hour run times out of the box with a guaranteed 12 hours of run time, at 4°F / -20°C, after two years of use. It is the only multi-gas detector on the market that combines best in class ease of use, small size and extended run times.”

The GasAlertMicroClip XL simultaneously detects four gases: oxygen, combustible gases at the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. The detector is lightweight and compact, clips on easily, and offers single-button operational ease. A green IntelliFlash™ light on the detector provides both workers and supervisors at-a-glance assurance that the sensors are fit for service or adequately calibrated, simplifying an important compliance task while ensuring worker protection.

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