Wellness is more than just something that we can “do” as a one-off thing for a short-term boost. It’s a way of life, which is why it also needs to find its way into your lifestyle. Unless you make it a habit, it’ll quickly be forgotten and you’ll be back to your old bad habits in no time.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend half your life in the gym or adhere to unrealistic eating regimes if you want to be healthy. In fact, you can easily incorporate more wellness into your daily lifestyle simply by adjusting a few of your habits. It takes little to no extra effort and will leave you feeling a million times better. Here’s what you need to be thinking about.

1. Exercise before work

Taking a little exercise before you start work can be a great way to ease yourself into the day, getting your blood flowing and waking yourself up in a more natural way than downing three cups of coffee and going straight into a meeting.

2. Go for a walk on your lunch break

Check your contract to see how much of a lunch break you’re entitled to and then be sure to take it every day, even if all you’re doing is going for a walk to the shops and back. This can help to combat the threat of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and also has some mental health benefits that can help to combat anxiety, depression and other disorders.

3. Eat healthy meals

They say we are what we eat, and that’s certainly true. And with growing evidence that plant-based, whole food diets are the best way to combat climate change and avoid heart attacks and other illnesses, it’s not a bad idea to eat healthily in the workplace. Even if you stick to your regular diet in the evenings, eating a healthy breakfast and lunch will make a big difference, helping to combat lethargy and ultimately ensuring that you’re in the best possible shape.

4. Meditate

Meditation has a huge number of benefits, and it’s becoming increasingly commonplace to see it entering the workplace, with high profile entrepreneurs and CEOs crediting meditation as one of the reasons for their success. Some even go off on meditation retreats in which all technology must be left behind – including pens, paper and books.

5. Establish a sleeping routine

One of the single best things that you can do to improve both your health and your focus is to make sure that you get a decent night’s sleep. Not sleeping properly can have a knock on effect for everything else on this list, and once you find yourself in a negative sleep pattern, it becomes a downward spiral and a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Now that you know how to incorporate more wellness in your day to day life, the next step is for you to go ahead and get started. After all, if you don’t put the time in to take care of yourself, you have no one else to blame. The responsibility falls to you, and now that you know what you need to do, you can’t plead ignorance as an excuse. Good luck.