I was sitting in my car after church waiting for my wife. As I sat there, someone got into the truck next to me. There was the driver and three children and only seatbelts for three people total. I had the opportunity to say something to help the children unprotected by a safety belt.
I rolled down the passenger side window of my car and got the driver’s attention.

I asked, “Would you like me to watch out for your safety?”

She smiled and said yes.

I then said I’d hate to see one of the children hurt if another car drove into them on the way home.

The driver replied, “I’m only going a couple of blocks.”

I smiled and then the driver asked the older child to wait inside the church (there was still one service to go).

My wife arrived in the meantime and we left the parking lot right behind the truck. I shared the story with my wife and we headed home.

Coincidentally, we were going the same route as the truck and at least one mile later the truck was still headed on its way. Obviously, more than a couple of blocks, even though driving at all without a safety belt is a bad idea.

 I was glad I took a moment to share safety with the driver.
Ask the people you work with how many opportunities they had last week to share safety with someone off the job.