ISHN Guest BlogThis week on a call with one of my clients, I took the responsibility for the pre-call safety moment. As I have mentioned previously, this was an idea I learned from this client last year. They, as many other companies, display safety as a value by beginning every meeting with a safety moment when someone shares a safety story or idea. In their case, their leadership is so committed to safety as a value, they include phone conference calls as meetings also. I love how this business and associating with each and every one of you helps me to improve my own safety every week.

This week, when I was going to call my friend, I knew I wanted to be the one who shared the safety moment on this call. When he was on the line, I told him I would cover the safety moment today. The story I shared with him I had read the day before concerning safety and the Olympics. The story related how many hockey players and other competitive skaters have begun to use cut-resistant socks in order to prevent serious injuries to their ankles and legs when people and skates collide. It was exciting to me to see safety solutions develop in sports because the competitors want to avoid unnecessary injuries. You certainly can't be your best sitting a season out with a sliced achilles tendon.

What I liked most about the concept of the safety moment was it caused me to be thinking ahead of the call about what I might want to share. It raised my awareness and because of that I was more focused on safety. If you want to be, "watching out for everyone's safety™", as I do, involve as many employees as you can in regular safety shares. Have a safe week.

Until next week,
I'll be, "Watching Out For Everyone's Safety™"