Last week, I arrived in Paris, France, as I spoke at the French Professional Speaker's Association Convention. It is always fun to visit new places and especially fun to travel globally as it is a reminder of the amazing diversity in the world. This diversity allows me to share many new safety ideas with you and all my clients.

One of the first things I noticed was their traffic signals. They have a solution to a problem I have had driving in major cities in the United States. Have you ever pulled upto an intersection and

discovered the traffic light is too high for you to see because it is blocked by the roof of your car? Here the clever Parisians have placed small traffic signals about five to six feet off the ground right at the corner. This is great because it is in the driver's field of view and also where the driver should be looking before making a right turn.

I have taught that one of the best reasons to watch out for the safety of others is that your own personal safety awareness increases. I felt comforted by the fact as I moved around this wonderful city I was aware of any safety hazards I was near.

A good example of this is all the historical places you may visit. It is a must you watch out for your own safety because cobblestone streets provide an infinite number of trip hazards. No matter where you are, your own safety awareness can protect you even if the environment around you is hazardous. Being aware of distractions is also helpful. In such beautiful places, like Versailles, it is a good idea to stop walking and focus on the sights, then refocus on your pathway and continue on. Not unlike refocusing on the task at hand when you are working and find yourself distracted.

Until next week,
I'll be, "Watching Out For Everyone's Safety™"