Python SafetyPython Safety, the leading manufacturer of drop prevention solutions, developed and introduced an attachment point capable of handling 80lb dynamic loads. The patent pending Tool Cinch HD allows operators to safely tether tools and equipment that traditionally have been impossible to reliably secure at height.

“Until now, operators have not been able to tether some of their heaviest tools and equipment when being used at height, or have relied on unsafe practices such as using rope to tie off equipment,” said Billy Mathews, Chief Products Officer, Python Safety. “Our new Tool Cinch HD meets the demands of consumers offering a third-party tested way of securing tools up to 80lbs.”

Python Safety products are third-party tested by an ISO 9001 and Nuclear Regulatory Commission certified testing lab. The Tool Cinch HD has been load rated for 80lb dynamic loads instead of static loads. In dynamic load testing, products are tested for real-world drop conditions where the actual force a dropped object exerts could be many times the object's weight.

The Tool Cinch HD is ideal for tools and equipment such as magbase drills, slugging wrenches, rivet busters, pneumatic and electric tools. Once a Tool Cinch is attached to a tool, the tool can be tethered using one of Python Safety’s Heavy Duty Hook2Loop or Hook2Rail Tool Lanyards.

Python Safety carries an extensive line of tool attachment points, tool lanyards, and other drop prevention solutions. The Tool Cinch HD is the latest installment in Python Safety’s Tool Cinch product line. Last year, Python Safety released the Tool Cinch MD product family which can be used to create attachment points on tools and equipment up to 35lbs.

About Python Safety, Inc.

Python Safety’s mission is to prevent dropped tools and equipment. The Company makes work environments safer and more productive by eliminating incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss. To accomplish these goals, Python Safety engineers high quality products that are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions. For more information, please visit