hearing testTinnitus affects millions of people in the U.S. Most cases resolve on their own, but for some it is a lifelong issue. About 20 percent of people with persistent tinnitus need some sort of intervention.

Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar of the American Academy of Otolaryngology co-authored new guidelines to treat tinnitus.

"You need to do a targeted history and physical exam, you need to do a hearing test when it is appropriate, you need to counsel the patient that there are plenty of choices for them of ways to manage their problems," Chandrasekhar said.

The guidelines recommend against dietary supplements to treat tinnitus. They also recommend against routine scans and MRIs to diagnose the condition.

More than one million U.S. military veterans receive disability payments for tinnitus. It can be caused by loud noise exposure. It is also associated with muscular problems of the head and neck, and it can also be related to certain medications such as strong antibiotics and high doses of aspirin.

Source: www.wcax.com WCAX-TV Burlington, VT