Siemens’ smart hearing aids, recently introduced at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, promise to make the world more accessible for many people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

The new easyTek™ aids are more like sophisticated wearables than traditional aids. Rather than simply amplifying sound, they gauge one’s personal sound environment and focus on the most important noises – reducing background chatter and increasing the volume of an individual speaking to you in a one-to-one conversation in a busy room, for example.

If, as is most common, someone needs two hearing aids, devices wirelessly communicate with each other and make continual tiny adjustments.

The Siemens smart hearing aid can be used without a smartphone, but the easyTek™ app (for iOS and Android) allows users to control the microphone direction of their aids to experience optimal sound quality. The devices “study” their wearer’s preferences and automatically adjust in future.