cold weather workSome people will have no choice but to go outside and brave the extreme cold. That's true for food delivery services, EMS, construction workers, and heating and cooling contractors.

The cold days are simply days on the job, but the cold brings more risks.

Prolonged exposure to below freezing temperatures can cause serious health problems like hypothermia.

Dressing in layers is the key to keeping warm during extremely cold days. Hand warmers can help, too.  Some outdoor workers keep hand warmers in their sweatshirts and in jackets. If you don't have hand warmers, then you need to get inside probably every half hour or 45 minutes just to keep your hands warm."

A note of caution: bundling up with clothing to keep warm can cause its own risks.

Layered clothing can be dangerous if it's tight or wet.  Make sure you're clean, dry, and have loose layers of clothing on. Preferably avoid cotton, because cotton retains moisture, and you want to keep the body dry.

Outdoor workers like heating and air technicians often work long hours and into the evening when temperatures drop, so being prepared is vital.

Employers want these workers to wear proper shoes for keeping warm and being safe on the job site. Insulated underwear, or coveralls are also important. Of course, keep your hands and arms covered. Outdoor workers in winter weather need to have situational awareness, and realize when temperature drops or storms make it too risky to continue outdoor endeavors.