Thrive Workwear Co.Woodland Wear, LLC. (formerly doing business as Woodland Workwear) is pleased to announce the official launch of its new company brand name, THRIVE Workwear Co.  All marketing communications, product branding and day-to-day business dealings will be conducted under the new THRIVE Workwear Co. brand name.  The company's corporate structure remains unchanged.

“We set out over a year ago to pursue a new brand identity that would better convey the spirit and mission of our company," states Dale Pelletier CEO of THRIVE Workwear. "As our products, technologies and company continue to evolve, we felt it was important to upgrade our brand so that the message of who our company is and what we stand for clearly shines through to the marketplace and to our customers.  Our new brand will also position us for continued success for many years to come.  We feel that we accomplished what we set out to do and we're excited about this new chapter in our company's history."

THRIVE Workwear has also re-branded their protective pad technology to SQUISH™ Pad Technology.  

Pelletier continued, "We decided this was also the right time to re-brand our pad technology from KNEEDZ® to SQUISH™ Pad Technology.  This strategic move allows us to offer protective padding not only for knees, but for all other vulnerable parts of the body as we continue to diversify our product portfolio."  

About THRIVE Workwear Co.

THRIVE Workwear Co. is a premier manufacturer of unique safety work apparel. THRIVE Workwear's mission is to identify customer challenges, seek out innovation, develop products through invention and deliver a quality solution to the marketplace.

In 2007, the company began its quest to develop and pursue a better knee protection solution and invented work pants with permanently installed knee pads.  Full-time protection, coupled with a pad technology that was flame resistant rated and that could be industrial-laundered was an industry first.

Today, THRIVE Workwear's unique safety work apparel products are sold through major suppliers and protect work crews in a variety of industries worldwide. THRIVE holds patents and trademarks for its unique technologies and products and continues to explore new innovation and one-of-a-kind solutions.  

THRIVE Workwear Co. is based in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its headquarters are housed in a historic 1920's auto repair garage.  For more information please visit