Product InnovationsILLUMAGEAR, makers of The Halo Light™ Personal Active Safety System™, announced today at the World of Asphalt show in Baltimore, the launch of The Halo Light™ Field Locker™.

The Field Locker is a rugged transport and storage case designed to hold and charge up to 10 complete Halo Light systems at once. It is ideal for jobsite deployment — offering a single solution for secure storage, charging, and transport. Built to withstand tough conditions, The Field Locker helps jobsites securely manage inventory and provides a mobile charging solution. When it’s time to move to a new job, the wheeled case can be closed up, locked, and hauled to the next site.

“ILLUMAGEAR developed The Field Locker as the result of feedback from several customers who have deployed The Halo Light on a larger scale,” said Max Baker, CEO of ILLUMAGEAR. “While these customers loved The Halo Light, they expressed the need for a solution for secure multi-unit charging and storage.”

The Halo Light Field Locker features:

Storage & Inventory Management

  • Holds 10 complete Halo Light systems (HLPC-01A), including halos, battery packs, and chargers

Gang Charging Solution

  • Charges up to 10 Halo Light systems at one time

Security & Protection

  • Cushioned and lockable to ensure units are safe and secure during transport
  • Locks up Halo Light systems during charging
  • International Protection (IP) Rating of 67 to protect against dust, dirt, and water


  • Ready for travel with slide-out handle and durable wheels
  • Extremely durable case safe for storage or shipping


ILLUMAGEAR is a Seattle-based company focused on improving individual safety in risky environments. Founded in 2012 by Max Baker and Andrew Royal, ILLUMAGEAR’s mission is to illuminate people working in high-risk environments, making them safer and more prepared.

ILLUMAGEAR builds Personal Active Safety Systems (tools, equipment, and software solutions) that lower the risk for people operating under hazardous circumstances. ILLUMAGEAR is focused on promoting real improvement in worker safety and bringing innovative products to market that define a new category of safety gear.

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