ILLUMAGEAR HaloILLUMAGEAR, a Seattle-based company focused on improving individual safety in risky environments, is pleased to introduce The Halo Light™, a patented 360° personal active safety system (PASS) that attaches to any hard hat, producing a halo of light around the wearer, enabling him or her to see and be seen in all directions at all times.

Built for Risky Environments

The Halo Light is designed specifically for a hard hat, and lights the entire task area without adjustment.  And unlike area task lights, The Halo Light is portable and personal, illuminating the task area without shadows regardless of where the worker moves. The Halo Light is ideally suited for a variety of markets including construction, railroad, DOTs, mining, military, oil and gas, pipeline, warehouse, and any other industry in which safety and illumination are of concern.

“There are millions of individuals who work in high-risk environments, for which the current solutions available are inadequate,” said Andrew Royal, president and chief product officer at ILLUMAGEAR. “For example, many workers use less durable head lamps that break under heavy use and burn through batteries. The Halo Light is ideal for anyone wearing a hard hat and working in a high-risk environment.”

The Halo Light’s features:

  • 360° halo light active illumination system
  • Personally visible over ¼ mile away in all directions
  • Fully illuminates the task area out to the visual periphery
  • Eliminates shadows no matter where you move
  • Unique tension spring-mounting system connects securely to any hard hat
  • Easy single button functionality
  • Four light modes: high alert, normal, task, and dim
  • International Protection (IP) Rating of 65 to protect against dust, dirt, and water
  • Rechargeable battery lasts a minimum12 hours on full power
  • Breakaway quick-release battery cord
  • Built to last in tough construction environments
  • One-year warranty


ILLUMAGEAR is a Seattle-based company focused on improving individual safety in risky environments. Founded in 2012 by Max Baker and Andrew Royal, ILLUMAGEAR’s mission is to illuminate people at risk, making them safer and more prepared in any environment. ILLUMAGEAR builds personal, active, safety systems (tools, equipment, and software solutions) that lower the risk for people operating under hazardous circumstances.

ILLUMAGEAR is focused on promoting real improvement in worker safety and bringing innovative products to market that define a new category of safety gear. ILLUMAGEAR’s first product is The Halo Light™, a patented 360º light system worn on a hardhat that produces a halo of light around the wearer enabling him or her to see and be seen in all directions at all times, especially in low light conditions.

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