TrulineArbill, a privately-held and award-winning safety products and services provider located in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, announces the addition of three new safety gloves to its extensive line of safety products.

According to Arbill President and CEO Julie Copeland, “The new Truline® products in our Mission Series are the result of research and development, and using the latest technologies to create advanced hand protection that meets the changing needs of our customers.”

“Our newest gloves,” continued Copeland, “provide superior resistance to abrasion and are extremely lightweight. We’ve also addressed needs for both higher visibility and darker colors for longer product use. We created these gloves based on the needs of our customers who asked for more protection and dexterity for their workers.”

Arbill enjoys the unique status of both distributor and manufacturer for many of the products they offer. “We have manufactured and sold our Truline® brand direct to our customers for more than 30 years,” Copeland added. “This has allowed us to provide our customers with both competitive prices and exceptional quality. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to manage our buying and stocking patterns upstream, from raw material purchases through final production to leverage best pricing as the markets change.”

Arbill’s supply chain and management teams continually shop the market for new trends in the industry. They work closely with manufacturing facilities to research and develop products ¾ testing and in laboratory conditions as well as in the field, continually modifying samples until final approval is reached among all entities. In the testing progress Arbill develops new materials and compounds, and is continuing to develop innovative products for the marketplace.

For more information the new Truline products, click here: Mission 110Mission 120 and Mission 310

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