Ansell, a global leader in safety solutions, announces the launch of AlphaTec®58-735, a new innovative multi-hazard nitrile glove solution offering an unparalleled combination of both chemical and cut protection, as well as providing exceptional comfort and grip. It has been developed for use in a broad range of industries including chemical, food, life sciences, oil and gas and machinery manufacturing environments where high chemical and high cut protection are demanded.

Industrial settings present a range of hazards that potentially threaten worker safety. This is amplified when multiple risk factors or hazards are present, such as exposure to chemical substances, liquids and solids – coupled with cut risk. In fact, employees in around 60% of businesses will suffer cut injuries to hands, second only to skin irritation in terms of reported occupational hand issues.

“When trying to protect against multiple hazards such as the risk of cuts and chemicals, a compromise is often made resulting in the wrong hand protection being used. This can cause injury due to the lack of adequate grip or loss of dexterity as workers struggle to handle the tools or machinery to carry out tasks,” said Paul Bryce, Vice President of the Chemical Solutions Business Unit, Ansell. “Our new AlphaTec 58-735 helps overcome these potential issues – in one solution – providing chemical protection, a confident grip and excellent cut defense combined with improved wearer comfort and performance.”

The green outer nitrile shell has excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acids, alkalis and organic solvents. As a soft, comfortable hand protection solution that effectively resists chemicals and cuts, workers across a wide range of industries are more likely to wear the glove, ensuring greater levels of compliance.

On the inside of the glove, a HI-VIZ™ INTERCEPT® yarn is used, providing high performance cut protection coupled with exceptional comfort and dexterity. If the outer shell of the glove is compromised due to mechanical action then the user has an indicator to be able to see that the chemical barrier is no longer there and should replace the glove. AlphaTec 58-735 has ‘Type A’ chemical protection under new EN ISO 374:2016, cut level ‘ISO C’ according to EN 388:2016 or ANSI cut A3. It is also tested to cut level 4 according to EN 388:2003.

Grip is a highly important aspect for all chemical gloves and our unique ANSELL GRIPTMTechnologyhas been added to the palms and fingers. This technology allows for less force and optimal control and confidence when gripping in wet or oily environments, further reducing hand fatigue and enhancing worker comfort.

Completing the multi-hazard protection offering of AlphaTec58-735, this glove is also tested to EN 1149 for antistatic and EN ISO 374-5 for viral risks.

For more information about AlphaTec 58-735, more information on Ansell, call 800.800.0444 in the U.S. or,Facebook,Twitter,LinkedInandInstagram. In Canada, contact Ansell Customer Service at 800.363.8340.

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