New PickNew Pig has recently added UN Rated 20- and 30-gallon Overpack Salvage Drums to its extensive line of storage and material handling products. Specifically designed and sized for shipping leaking cans, bottles and 5-gallon pails, as well as lab packing applications, the new, PIG®-designed Overpacks are made of chemically-resistant polypropylene.

The leak-proof, twist on lid is notched for easy turning with a 2 x 4 or pole. Overpack Salvage Drums are built to withstand rough handling and endure the abuse of shipping to help keep hazardous waste safely contained and your facility in compliance with shipping regs.

Containers are nestable when empty to save storage space, and each is treated with UV inhibitors to prolong serviceable life. Ideal for packaging applications including shipping hazardous waste by land, sea or rail, PIG® Overpak Salvage Drums are X-rated and suitable for Packing Groups I, II and III hazardous materials. For more information on these or any of New Pig’s storage and material handling products, please visit or call 1-800-HOT-HOGS.