Cal Ripken Jr.Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. may be retired from baseball, but he’s staying active – and his activities include an occupational safety video series for ISHNtv.

Nicknamed “The Iron Man,” Ripken played 21 seasons for the Baltimore Orioles, primarily as shortstop. While his career statistics are impressive (3,184 hits, 431 home runs), it was Ripken’s never-miss-a-game reputation that earned him the most admiration. He played in 2,632 games -- the most consecutive games played by anyone in baseball history.

Ripken has spent a great deal of off-the-field effort in imparting information. He’s written 30 books, including an autobiography, a children’s fiction book and a number of guides to coaching young athletes.

Ripken now brings his personable yet authoritative communication style to ISHN, in the form of a quarterly column for ISHN magazine (Cal’s Column) and a video series for ISHNtv, the Ripken Safety Tip of the Month. Presented by Northern Safety, the videos feature Ripken discussing – and sometimes demonstrating – the importance of proper equipment when it comes to staying safe in the workplace.

Click here for the first video, on how choosing the appropriate hard hat for the job or task can help keep a worker safe from head injuries. Ripken covers the basic of hard hats: types, styles (i.e., cap or full brim), hard hats designed to withstand electric shock and how to adjust a hard hat for a firm fit.

Check back soon for a new safety video from Cal Ripken, Jr.

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