optrelOptrel, the global innovator of autodarkening filter technology for welding helmets, encourages welders to maintain the performance of their optrel welding helmets for years to come with new Helmet Starter Kits for Expert Series and p550 helmets.

“Welders have a special bond with their helmets and wear them for several years,” said Renee S. Bessette, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Optrel Inc. “Autodarkening welding helmets are also an investment in their career, so It is important that welders maintain the integrity of their optrel autodarkening lens. Our new Helmet Starter Kits contain the essential accessories to ensure that the autodarkening lens is protected and functions properly over a long period of time.”

Each Helmet Starter Kit includes five front cover lenses and five inside cover lenses that protect the ADF lens from splatter, scratches, and damage from other debris. These should be replaced anytime there is visible damage to the cover lenses. The kits also include two pairs each of front and back sweatbands that wrap around helmet’s headgear. The sweatbands not only absorb sweat, they also improve overall fit and comfort for those welders who wear their helmets all day. 

optrel Helmet Starter Kits are only available for direct-to-consumer sales from optrel’s new web shop, www.optrel.com/usa, and retail for 15 percent less than the total list price that one would pay to purchase each item individually. 

Expert Helmet Starter Kit: $41.70 per kit

p550 Helmet Starter Kit: $25.20 per kit

optrel also offers a Starter Kit for its new weldcap, which includes two front cover lenses, one inside cover lens, a replacement nose clip, and two lithium batteries.