PIG Spill Kit in Camo Duffel BagNew Pig has introduced the portable PIG® Spill Kit in Camo Duffel Bag. Packed with PIG products, this durable kit can be stored in small spaces and easy to grab and go when fast response to spills is needed.

Perfectly sized for incidental spills of less than 10 gallons of oils, coolants, solvents and water, the Spill Kit carries the essential spill supplies to contain and absorb spills quickly. Its camouflaged duffel bag hides dirt and the attached carrying straps make it easy to grab from storage and respond fast.  The Spill Kit’s rugged construction prevents the bag from ripping and tearing, so it can be refilled and reused– saving time and money.

The Spill Kit in Camo Duffel Bag contains the following items:

  • (3) PIG Blue Socks stop spreading spills
  • (30) 15” W x 20” L PIG Mat quickly absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • (1) PIG Repair Putty plugs or patches leaks and cracks
  • (1) Goggles and gloves protect workers during spill cleanup
  • (5) “Caution – Handle with Care” temporary disposal bags

Specialized Spill Kits in Camo Duffel Bag include the PIG® Oil-Only Spill Kit for oil, NOT water, and the PIG® HazMat Spill Kit for most acids and bases.

For information on this or any of New Pig’s products, please contact 1-800-HOT-HOGS or visit newpig.com.