New PigNew Pig offers the portable, multi-use PIG Biohazard Spill Kit to help facilities reduce employee risks while cleaning up blood, urine or other biofluids.

Ideal for first responders, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and industrial facilities, the Kit includes PPE, PIG Absorbent Pads, PIG Absorb-&-Lock Bio-Fluids Loose Absorbent, germicidal wipes and other supplies that responders need to clean up biofluid spills and sanitize the area to help prevent future infection. 

Packaged in a UN-rated container that can be used for shipping regulated wastes for disposal, the Kit also features a carrying handle which makes it easy to transport during emergency response. The Kit can absorb up to 8.5 gallons of biofluids. 

For more information on the PIG Biohazard Spill Kit or any of New Pig's Spill Kits or products, please visit or call 1-800-HOT-HOGS.