OSHA inspectors found that employees of at a Shenandoah, Texas construction site were exposed to a variety of dangers, earning citations for both the company conducting the work and the one that supplied it with temporary workers.

Gate Precast Co. and Trueblue Inc., doing business as Labor Ready, were found to have exposed workers to fall hazards and struck-by hazards. The use of a kinked wire rope to lift a load and failure to protect wire ropes from damage exposed employees to impalement.

"Falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, but these deaths can be prevented by planning, using the correct equipment and training the workers,” said Joann Figueroa, area director in OSHA's Houston North Area Office.

OSHA has proposed $65,000 in fines for Gate Precast Co. and $9,000 for Trueblue.

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