HoneywellOn August 12, after two massive warehouse explosions rocked Tianjin, China, Honeywell teams from Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) Greater China, Government Relations, Human Resources, and Communications immediately pulled together an action plan that focused on humanitarian relief, employee well-being and safety, and first responder/firefighter support.

Within 24 hours, Honeywell:

  • Delivered professional safety products to the Tianjin Fire Authority, including respirators, full face masks, aluminum canisters, and protective gloves.
  • Distributed disposable face masks to hospitals, hotels, schools, and other public buildings.
  • Connected with the approximately 1,000 employees based in Tianjin to ensure all were accounted for.
  • Shut down its Environmental and Combustion Control (ECC) and Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) facilities for two days in the interest of safety for all employees.

“As a leading player in fire and industry safety, Honeywell takes these types of situations seriously, and has appropriate plans in place to act quickly to support employees and the communities in which we live and conduct business,” said Stephen Shang, Honeywell China President & CEO. “We are continuing to assess the situation and coordinating with local authorities to offer additional help.”