Tell us a little about the history of your company.

Dynamic Safety, USA is an independent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer that began in 2015 as an expansion of DSI Safety, Inc., a leading manufacturer of PPE in Canada.  Our team has more than 100 years of experience in PPE product development, manufacturing, customization, sales, marketing and technical support and we can provide all you need to protect your workers, increase your productivity and comply with all safety regulations.  We strive to manufacture and assemble as much of our product as possible in North America to provide jobs for North Americans and to keep our economy strong.

What has been your company’s business strategy to gain market share?

Dynamic Safety, USA wants to be recognized as the “Fit and Comfort” PPE manufacturer.  We realize there are many choices out there and many products do an adequate job of providing basic protection.  We want the user of our products to feel confident they have chosen a product that not only protects their life or their quality of life, but one that will fit properly on each and every use and be comfortable to wear as long as necessary. Plus, we have the capability to personalize PPE and the ability to provide quick turn around on company logos and messages printed on hard hats (including tape striping), safety glasses, fall protection harnesses and first aid kits.

Describe the core branded products of your company.

Dynamic Safety, USA will supply a very broad offering of PPE including:  Eye and Face Protection, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection and First Aid supplies and equipment.

How do distributors contribute to your success in the marketplace?

Not only do our distributors stock our product locally for quick delivery on orders and help to carry the Accounts Receivable, but they also help to communicate the strengths and competitive advantages of our products to both distributors and end users.  Because of their relationships with the key end users, they continually try to get our products specified for use and help us to determine competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Do you offer them training? What other value-added services?

We will provide enhanced product training including awareness of applicable standards and regulations.  We will be utilizing a comprehensive marketing program to generate leads that will be passed on to distribution.

What business characteristics do you look for when selecting to work with a distributor?

Distributes a wide variety of both PPE and MRO items and has adequate inventories to satisfy customer needs.  Excellent end-user relationships and diligent effort to call on the end-users to promote new products and solutions.  Strong financial acumen and access to capital when needed.  Adequate number of experienced and trained sales people (both inside and out).  Excellent customer service.

Do you have any recent news about new facilities or new personnel to report?

Recently opened an office and warehouse facility in Somerset, NJ. Hired Scott G. Walker as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His background includes more than 30 years of PPE experience with both manufacturers and distributors

Describe your current financial picture.

Nothing to comment on as far as a sales history but we expect a quick start and continued quarterly growth.

What should distributors know about your company’s future?

Dynamic Safety, USA is new to the USA but the products have been sold in Canada for more than 5 years and have been widely excepted and approved by both users and distributors.  We are starting with a broad base of products in each category and expect to continue to add new and innovative products to help fill out our offering and to provide improved solutions to our customers.  We expect the quality of our products, our competitive pricing and our ability to react quickly to customer needs to allow us to continue to gain market share in PPE and to provide a viable and profitable alternative to the current product offering of our competitors.