Haws IntegratedHaws Integrated™, a tempered water solutions provider for emergency response equipment, has expanded its product catalog. The new Performance Series is a standardized lineup of their robust tepid water system offering. The updated models provide price and resource efficient tempered water solutions for emergency eyewashes and/or shower units. The lineup has multiple standardized and customizable configurations, reduced lead time, enhanced maintenance safety features, anti-scald protection, and provides ANSI Z358.1-2014 compliance during the entire required 15-minute flushing cycle.

Performance Series models (8710, 8720, 8730, 8760, 8780, 8785) are fully assembled and tested for reliability and are designed to operate with a number of electrical and blending capability options to provide the ultimate in victim comfort.

In addition, the new outdoor overhead tank combination shower and eye/face wash (model 8720) is the only product on the market with superior weather testing from -20°F/-29°C to 100°F/38°C and is suitable for use in Seismic Zone C. The unit maintains ANSI Z358.1-2014 compliance for the full 15-minute flush requirements for water pressure, flow, temperature and access as a stand-alone.

About Haws Integrated™

As a best-in-class emergency response provider for more than 50 years, Haws Integrated makes it easy for customers to fulfill their needs by offering comprehensive services for an effortless emergency solution giving peace of mind that you are making the smartest, safest decision for your facility. Headquartered in Northern Nevada, USA, Haws Integrated is globally represented with locations in Switzerland, Singapore, China, India, and Brazil.

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