optreloptrel inc., the global innovator of autodarkening lens technology for welding helmets, announces the introduction of the new optrel vegaview2.5 autodarkening welding helmet. The vegaview2.5 sets the world record for brightest view in light state with a shade level 2.5.

“Most autodarkening welding helmets offer a shade level 4 in light state, which is often too dark for welders to view when they inspect their welds or grind,” said Renee S. Bessette, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for optrel inc. “Through optrel’s latest innovation in optical technology, the vegaview2.5 provides welders with a 400% brighter view of their environment. This not only improves the welders’ overall safety, it improves their productivity by eliminating the need to interrupt their work to don safety goggles or face shields when they grind.”

In addition to its brightest view in light state, the vegaview2.5 also offers welders and metal fabricators additional optical and productivity benefits.

  • True Color Filter– optrel’s lens technology optimizes a welder’s view with an unprecedented view of realistic color, enabling welders to view their workspace more clearly and see red LEDs on welding devices without raising their helmets.
  • Infinite Shade Level Adjustment from 8-12– External controls allow welders to adjust their shade level as they work.
  • Sensitivity Control– Allows welders to adjust the sensor sensitivity based on their work environment.
  • Opening Delay– This allows welders to adjust the time it takes to switch from dark to light, from 0.1s to 1.0s, making the transition easier on the eyes.
  • Sensor Slide– optrel’s patented Sensor Slide allows the detection angle to be reduced from 80° to 60°, preventing the ADF from responding to nearby welders’ arcs.
  • Overhead Welding – The helmet’s curved profile is specifically designed for overhead welding, deflecting smoke, particles, and other debris.
  • e3000 PAPR Compatible – vegaview2.5 is also available in a helmet model compatible with the optrel e3000 PAPR system (retail for entire helmet / PAPR system USD $1,648.00)

“With its clear view and True Color Filter, vegaview2.5 is an ideal helmet for tack welding as it allows welders to make more accurate electrode placements,” said Bessette. “It also reduces eye strain often experienced when welding with other autodarkening helmets.”

The vegaview2.5 helmet retails for USD $372.37 and is now available through welding and personal protective equipment distributors in the United States and Canada, and through optrel’s new web shop www.optrel.com/usa.

optrel will showcase the new vegaview2.5 at FABTECH from November 9 – 12, 2016, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. optrel will be located in booth #N26059.