Workforce Safety and Management SaaS provider, Intelivert, announced the release of the Scribe for OSHA app in the Apple iTunes Store. Scribe for OSHA helps guide safety professionals through applicable OSHA reporting and recordkeeping rules, based on the type of severe incident they may be dealing with. 

Beginning January 1, 2015, OSHA updated their reporting and recordkeeping rules for severe injuries/illnesses and fatalities. The Scribe for OSHA app is a simple solution that leads safety professionals through the required OSHA notification and reporting process. 

“Thankfully, an OSHA reportable incident is not something that most safety professionals deal with on a daily basis, but when they do, Scribe for OSHA is there to assist,” said Intelivert President, Eric Aubrey. “Since the reporting rules update from OSHA, our clients expressed two main concerns. First, they needed a tool to help their safety teams, not only remember the rules, but also gather all required information, identify the appropriate OSHA office to call, and initiate the call. The second concern was they were afraid their safety teams were over-reporting to OSHA, and actually creating a perceived issue, when, in fact the incident was not a reportable one. We designed Scribe for OSHA to fulfill these needs.”

The app prompts the safety professional to - choose the incident type (fatality, amputation, loss of eye, in-patient hospitalization) - review the associated time-to-report requirements - complete the incident report (all the data fields required by OSHA) - contact the appropriate OSHA office (including dialing the OSHA office if the user is on an iPhone) - then offers the option to email the report to one or more email addresses.
Scribe for OSHA is currently available for iOS devices and can be downloaded through the Apple iTunes Store, free of charge. Additional app functionality is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2015, to include incident reporting (OSHA 301 form) and OSHA update notifications.

Visit for more information regarding the Scribe for OSHA app and other workforce safety and management software solutions that integrate with it. 

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