Winder Power reached a major milestone this month by recording three years without a reportable accident or lost-time incident. 

The Leeds, England-based transformer company has not had a reportable incident resulting in lost work time for any of the technicians, engineers or other personnel working in the facility since 2012. This record extends to all of Winder’s projects across the UK and worldwide, as well as within its own state-of-the-art factory in Leeds.

"Key to Winder’s impressive record has been the enthusiastic and ongoing safety commitment from project management, continual training of the workforce; preventative programs; communication of safe work practices; sharing of lessons learned from observations and incidents; and good site safety vigilance so that everyone works safely every day," said the company, in a statement. "This milestone strengthens Winder’s position in the UK, and abroad, as a trustworthy and safe service provider in the transformer industry; as well as a great internal employee boost."

Laurence MacKenzie, Group Chief Executive, said the company's safety success can be attributed to its employees. "The requirements to ensure that we maintain this standard are rigorous, involving a review of comprehensive supporting evidence of safety management systems and performance. The benefit to our staff is clear but it also benefits our customers, and potential customers, who know that any project we undertake is completed to the highest degree of safety and standards.”

Jim Stockwell, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Winder Power, added: “We intend to continue to look for new ways to improve our safety procedures for the benefit or our staff and customers, and ensure that our safety record is maintained year-on-year.”

Winder Power has has improved its safety culture by focusing efforts on key causes of accidents, staff attitudes to safety and through setting targets both for employees and sub-contractors. The company says it emphasizes individual ownership of safety in daily work practices – ensuring a positive approach by staff and a lack of complacency. This employee engagement exercise has led to improved safety training and supervision. 

Earlier this year the company was awarded for its superior workplace health and safety standards at the prestigious Occupational Health & Safety Awards - notable for a firm that operates in a highly technical and challenging environment.

About Winder Power:

A member of the British Engineering Manufacturers’ Association (BEMA), Winder Power is a leading UK manufacturer of power and distribution transformers and generator equipment and is the leading manufacturer of exciters for the power generation industry. Winder serves a wide range of customers in the utilities, renewable energy, and industrial sectors across the UK and internationally.